Plan to Fail if You Have No Plan

Lima Peru Parasailer at Pacific Ocean Sunset

Lima Peru Parasailer at Pacific Ocean Sunset

Want your PR results to soar?

Well, do you have a PR plan? Or do you just shoot from the hip when breaking news happens around the world or when you think you have news the media can’t live without? If you want to catch the wind of breaking news and sail through tons of coverage, create a plan! The photo from this post is from my walk on the beach last night. I was doing my clients’ media outreach all day on and off the phones and emails and I wanted to catch the sunset while in Lima, Peru nursing my husband’s motorcycle injury and snapped this shot. (I’ll be posting up tons of photos from Peru this weekend so check back!) It’s surprising how many companies, spokespeople, authors and other experts don’t have PR plans in place. It can be as simple as creating a basic media list and sending an email with tips, trends and articles of interest to this targeted list every month. It’s about building relationships with the media contacts you want to pay attention to you. Do you have a plan in place? Or are you planning to fail? I would love to hear from you about the plans you have created. And if you don’t have plans created, use these three simple rules to get started:


1) Brainstorm with your staff what audience you want to reach. Ask yourself, who generally ‘buys’ my books, services, products or donates to my cause? If you need help figuring out your audience and PR plan, check out the book I wrote, “The Wasabi PR Cookbook.

2) Identify the media reaching that audience. Do your research on the internet. It’s even free there. Or, if you don’t have the time. Hire a publicist or a college intern who can do the thorough research for you. Many times there are media you don’t even know exist, yet, they can use your quotes, content and expertise and help you reach your prime audience to grow your business, platform or cause.

3) Stay in communication. Regular outreach is a must. At least once a quarter and better yet, once a month. Email is fine. Mail or phone calls are even better. If you don’t have the time, hire a publicist or phone person to keep your media relationhips growing over time.

If you have no PR plan, you plan to fail in PR. Period.

What are you planning?

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