Bad penmanship

What is it about bad penmanship today? I guess it’s the Catholic school girl in me scared a nun will slap my fingers if I have bad penmanship. My business partner pointed out to me today that Gen X (my generation) was the last generation to really be taught penmanship in school because now the focus is typing skills. I hadn’t made that connection before and it’s true, I find people older than me with better penmanship skills than even my nun-burned hands. It’s important, though, to media coverage. You have to reach out personally to the media and write them thank you notes and cards to keep them personally related to you. If they can’t read your writing, you’ll have a hard time catching their attention. While email and digital connections are also important, be sure to brush up on your hand-writing skills. You never know! You might even be on a date where your hand-writing is checked out. When I was dating my husband, Shannon Nicholson, he leaned over to view a note I was writing. I asked, “What are you doing?” He said, “That’s acceptable.” I said, “What?!” He then told me he simply could not date someone seriously if they had messy hand-writing. I laughed hysterically. Sister Ancilla, Sister Alfreda and Sister Angelita did me proud after all. Looks like my good penmanship even landed me a husband!

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