On Deadline

I’ve been working with the media for 20 years now and I find myself saying, “Can you call me back, I’m on deadline.” What people don’t realize is that the news breaks and gets distributed within seconds in today’s fast paced, Internet world. So, when media knocks at the door, you better turn around your content within 24 hours or less. That’s the golden rule at my PR firm.  What do you do when the media knocks on your door? Do you wait? Do you think you have a couple of weeks to turn around what they’ve requested. If you do, you’re out of touch. I once heard of a restaurant not willing to share their creamed spinach recipe with Southern Living. I think that restaurant had to close some of its locations. It probably would have been a smarter idea to go ahead and share that recipe and within 24 hours of their request. When on deadline – they mean on deadline. So if you don’t jump at it, opportunity lost.


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