Global reach? Really?

Most of us will say, yes, I reach the entire globe because of the Internet. But how many people do you really reach on the other side of the planet? How many people do you talk to on a daily basis who are 12 hours ahead or behind you? I love being a publicist who serves client global needs. Why? Frankly, I love communicating with people in different countries in different time zones. It makes me feel on a daily basis my work truly reaches the globe. I guess Sister Ancilla in first grade couldn’t have predicted my permanent record would include the world. Wow, what pressure! She would have certainly gotten me to get in line had she referenced global leverage guilt.  LOL. What’s more is you really get to see how people in different cultures more or less live and experience life in many ways you do. Fundamentally, that brings being human so close to home. But how do you reach the public in other countries? Getting stories placed in their media venues is a great way. We purchase international media lists so our PR firm, Wasabi Publicity, can have access to any country, any city at any given moment. I guess I’ll have to remember the next time I have trouble getting excited about my day that indeed it is a great day … I might in fact meet a new friend today on the other side of the globe simply because I’m doing campaigns around the world. Let me know if you need help with your global reach. It really does make a difference with everyone, global citizens and just your average Joe and Jane. Because you know what? They watch reality TV, breaking news and read magazines and listen to radio just like us.


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