PR Launchpad

My PR team’s been tooling around for quite some time on a product we call “PR Launchpad.” Years ago we offered a product by the same name but had our clients set up on technology to do their own distribution. Didn’t quite work. People seeking PR, we’ve found over the years, want to benefit from our media network, but don’t want to do the distributions themselves. They are happy to coordinate incoming leads with their own schedules but don’t want to be bothered to do the media research in their industry. So, now PR Launchpad does just that. I am so excited. Because it’s the no-nonsense PR product for authors, business men and women and all media experts. You get an online press kit (essential today), listings on expert databases like Search Press Kits and ProfNet as well as get regular distributions to broadcast, print or internet media. (Hear me sigh a big relief.) Finally, we’ve been able to figure out a great package for do-it-yourselfers who like to save money and get PR results. I am so excited. Stay tuned. People are already interested!

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