Coffee from volcanos

Today I’m drinking coffee grown near a volcano. My husband mailed it to me from South America. He’s on a motorcycle trip with his friend Dan and he knows I love coffee. His trip is really inspiring people and for me, it’s solidified that maybe I don’t want to tour a whole country with him by motorcycle in 2008, but rather stay closer to creature comforts … like coffee. I love it. You know who else loves coffee? The media. Why? They stay awake 24/7 writing and covering the news. And to be a media expert, so do you. You have to be available 24/7 to the media to get results with the media and you have to respond quickly and with accuracy. We use online press kits to boost search engine optimization and to present our material at all hours of the night. Media look for experts day and night. So, grab your cup of Joe, alongside me, and feed the media what they want … a good scoop … a good story.


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