Sex and Intimacy: Getting Who You Want to Be In Marriage

Yesterday I was talking to relationship expert, David Cunningham, who travels the globe teaching courses with Landmark Education. He’s preparing some new topics for the PR segments we offer the media together and I couldn’t help but notice what he said impacted me and my relationship with my husband, who is currently travelling in South America for four months by motorcycle. He said, “Lot’s of people focus on what they get from others in their relationships, which they have little control over. If they focus on who they get to be, they’ll find they have complete control over that and over the years, they’ll find, they have more fulfilling relationships.” I then remembered something about my husband that really works … I met him on years ago and we married in Costa Rica in 2006. One thing I put in my profile is I wanted to be adored, adored, adored (you know I repeated it ten times or so). Then I focused on being adoring with him when our relationship started and through the years. He’s returned the adoring behavior. I hadn’t quite put it like David Cunningham does, but boy, now that he’s distinguished that, I can vouch for it … it works. Good thing, David has about ten other successful insights like that one to have a fulfilling sexual and intimate relationship with our significant others.

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